A not so hidden problem

Summer was approaching quickly and I was worried we would not be ready to handle the heat.

There is nothing worse than lying awake at night sweating and I knew we needed to make preparations to avoid that. We live in an old farmhouse so we don’t have central air. We rely on window units in the bedrooms to keep them cool and comfortable. I kept bugging my husband to install them and finally one day he agreed to take care of it. He wasn’t happy about it because he had a busy schedule and I guess he failed to level them. We were sitting in the living room one evening watching television when we noticed a big wet spot on the ceiling. There isn’t any plumbing on that wall so we headed upstairs to investigate. As soon as we entered the bedroom above the living room we knew what was wrong. The window unit was draining water down the wall instead of outside where it should be. It was tilted in instead of out and the collection pan underneath it had filled and was spilling over. The drywall beneath it was ruined and the water had seeped through the floor and onto the ceiling below. Now we had a mess to repair in two rooms that could have been avoided if my husband hadn’t been in such a hurry to put them in. I have to admit that my nagging him to do it probably didn’t help the situation either. Next year we will both have to show more patience when preparing for summer.

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