A soggy cold afternoon at camp

When I was a teenager I was lucky enough to get a task laboring at a summer time camp.

This Camp was located in the Low Country down south plus although most afternoons were tepid plus muggy my buddy and I had a freak weather pattern come through plus it wound up to be honestly cold plus rainy for afternoons on end.

All my buddy and I could know of was figuring out how to keep over a hundred campers from complaining about being cold; Believe it or not it was easier at evening because they were snuggled into their bunks with their sleeping bags plus they were at least somewhat warm, but while in the afternoon it was a weird story, however everywhere you went was wet plus angry. There was a giant dining hall that had a crucial brick fireplace plus the staff tried to keep a fire going there all the time so that people could take a cut from the cold but my buddy and I couldn’t all just sit in there all afternoon long. The main household of the old plantation that was used for camp had a furnace in it but unluckyly it wasn’t laboring plus my buddy and I had to contact an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C company to come out plus look at it. Because of its age there was no way to get parts so my buddy and I hoped that they could find some way to make it work. The company that came out said that he knew of an older gentleman in the area that knew a lot about the older systems. He came plus was able to come up with a way to make it work temporarily but suggested that my buddy and I look into purchasing a newer heater. For the most part the camp was only used while in the warmer months so it was decided that they would just make do for that time.

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