AC in the Cafeteria

Since high university, I have listened to people complain about their tasks & talk about how much they don’t like where they work! As a teenager, it never made any sense why they wouldn’t just find a new task, but now that I am older, I understand their struggle, then personally, I struggle with my task, then i work in a factory that makes candles, & it’s truthfully easily hard work.

  • It is physically draining, & by the end of the afternoon, I am so worn out that I don’t have the energy to even fold a load of laundry or cook breakfast.

Although it’s hard work, it pays honestly well. I also have made some honestly great friends, & these two reasons are why I am still working there this week, however lunch time is the only time that I am able to kneel down & get off my feet for few minutes, so that is my number one part of the afternoon. A large plus to the cafeteria is that they recently added an a/c to it, but no other part of the building has AC, so the cafeteria feels like heaven on earth by the time breakfast cut comes. Before they added the a/c unit, it was hard to even love breakfast cut because of how hot it was in the room, but there were several days when it was so sizzling in the cafeteria that I lost my appetite & wasn’t able to eat my breakfast, and having a/c in the cafeteria has easily helped me to have at least one time at work that I absolutely enjoy.


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