Aspects to consider for a commercial roof

Composite shingles are probably the most popular commercial roofing material in the Spokane area

In Spokane, Washington, we get every kind of weather. The summers tend to be hot and humid while the winter brings below-freezing temperatures and multiple feet of snow. For commercial buildings, a tight thermal envelope is extremely important. About fifty percent of energy consumption is due to heating and cooling. This adds up to a significant cost. Plus, keeping a comfortable working environment is a priority. An ideal temperature and healthy indoor air quality promotes greater productivity and contentment while also reducing health concerns, absenteeism and employee turnover rate. Modern businesses also need to focus on environmental responsibility. A properly designed, installed and maintained roof is a vital component of every commercial building. The roof protects the workspace from the elements. The right pitch and materials helps to prevent heavy snow buildup and ice dams. It defends against moisture damaging the structure of the building and leading to issues with mold. A correctly installed roof also resists the infiltration of pests. For any new construction project in Spokane, Washington, the roof is a main focus, impacting everything from monthly expenses and comfort to curb appeal. There are materials that are fire-resistance and moisture-resistance. There are options that are longer lasting and those that are budget friendly. A licensed and experienced roofing contractor proves invaluable throughout the process, providing customized recommendations and ensuring quality and durability of the finished product. Composite shingles are probably the most popular commercial roofing material in the Spokane area. They are economical, an effective weather barrier and offer a respectable lifespan. This type of roof allows for quick and affordable repairs and requires minimal maintenance.

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