Being afraid to check the HVAC system in the dark so I waited until the next morning

I hate being alone during the night. I am afraid to admit that I really am afraid of the dark. It creeps me out and I have never been fond of the dark. I feel much more safe when I am with somebody. This is why I have a dog. She keeps me company all of the time. This one night I was feeling a little scared though. I was hearing these strange noises. I had no idea where they were coming from. I investigated this a little further. I followed the noises and I found that the noises were coming right from my HVAC unit outside. I knew that these noises were not normal. I was not about going outside to check them out though. No matter what it was I turned my HVAC system off right away. I knew it couldn’t be good to run the system if the HVAC unit was making all of those noises. I bundled up with some blankets for the night in case it had gotten cold. I called my HVAC technician the next morning and he came right away. He looked inside of the system and found that there was a part that had come completely loose. It was causing the fan blade to be pushed in a position it was not supposed to be in. The fan was banging on other parts inside of the HVAC unit. He fixed the part and before we knew it. The system was working once again. I could feel the heat start to fill the house and I heard no noises. I explained to the HVAC technician how I was too scared to check the problem out last night. I was right for turning the system off though.

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