Calling a friend who is an HVAC technician to change my HVAC filter

You do not get many best friends in life.

If you are good you may have a couple best friends.

You will realize who is actually a best friend and who is not. I mean really though. I have come to realize just who is in my life. I know the kind of people I want to surround myself with. The other day I was having some trouble around the house. I was feeling a bit chilly and then realized that my furnace was not kicking on. I tried to figure it out but I do not know very much about HVAC systems. One of my best friends is an HVAC technician. I know I can call her for anything I need. She will squeeze an appointment in with me. I love when she comes because it is almost like we are hanging out. Not quite though. I called her up and she came over. We had lunch together. Then she looked at my system. She noticed that I had a clogged filter. The filter was so clogged that no air was getting through so the system shut itself down. This may have cause damage somewhere else too but she did not find anything. We heard the system come back on later. She said I should be fine then but something else could happen. If it does to not hesitate to give her a call. The best part is that she is not the only one like this. All of the HVAC employees are wonderful and willing to help out.


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