Car HVAC system on the fritz

My husband works downtown and he has an hour commute each way.

We have considered moving closer to the city but the homes there are just too expensive and we don’t like the school districts there either.

We have three children and I don’t want to relocate them only to discover that we are unhappy with where we live. The commute is the only answer for us at this time so he tries to make the best of it. We purchased one of those Hybrid cars about two years ago from a dealer in town that had a pretty good reputation. It was a used car at the time but we felt it was a good deal. Most of these cars are not only economical to drive but many would not even know that they are riding in one. However, we have since discovered one major downside to the car. Repairs on it are quite expensive and most of the parts are made in another country. When the HVAC system in the car went, we had to wait almost a month for the parts to come in so it could be fixed. Once they arrived, we were strapped with a huge repair bill because the entire front end of the car had to be dismantled to get at the HVAC unit. We learned quickly that what we were saving in fuel cost was going to be spent on any repairs that needed to be done. The HVAC system works great now and I hope that it never goes out again. If it does, my husband will just have to go without for a while or buy a different car.


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