Cat on the AC

Last month, we found a kitten living behind our HVAC system in the backyard.

I was inside making breakfast and my husband was out mowing the lawn.

He came inside with a small cat, talking about how much the cat looked like his childhood cat. As soon as I saw the cat, I fell in love. I’m not usually one to gaggle over a cat, but this one really was so cute. He walked me over to the HVAC unit and showed me where she had been living. I didn’t want to take her away just in case her mom came back, but she seemed frightened and very hungry. She started looking around the kitchen floor for scraps of food and I knew that right then, we had just gotten our first cpet together. After all these years, we had never had a pet together. When he found the HVAC cat, everything changed. We promised she would be an outdoor cat, as my husband is very allergic to cats. Of course, the cat slept under the cover at the foot of our bed on the very first night. She was a great cat. However, two weeks after we took her in, we noticed that there was a mother cat lingering around the HVAC system outside! We weren’t sure if it was her mother, but it seemed like she was looking for something. Each time we tried to introduce the two, they ran away from each other, and we concluded that this was probably not the mother cat of the kitten we had adopted.