Cleaning a Hot House

There is nothing like a sparkly scrub house.

  • Unluckyly if you have kids, the house only stays scrub for about ten minutes after you finish cleaning it.

My whole life, I have been a perfectionist. Even as a child, my room was always immaculate. I couldn’t kneel to have clutter in the house. I would even scrub my siblings rooms because I just couldn’t deal with living in a messy house. Most people would suppose this is a great trait to have, which it is to an extent, although I take it too far. Since my first little girl was born, I have realized that having kids means your house just simply won’t be scrub all of the time. Although this fact drives me insane, I have learned that it’s reality. Although my house isn’t always perfectly scrub like before I had kids, I do my best to scrub whenever I can. Saturday is usually my cleaning afternoon because my mom watches my kids fo me on Saturdays. I literally scrub from early afternoon until late in the afternoon. What easily makes it hard to scrub is the fact that my associate and I don’t have a/c in our house right now. My associate and I did have a window unit that my hubby & I kept in our bedroom, but it broke, & now my associate and I are left with nothing. My hubby easily wants to get central air installed throughout our entire house, but my associate and I just haven’t had the time to get it arranged. Having a hot house makes cleaning dreadful & I usually cherish to clean. Hopefully, Gary will have some time off of work so that he can call a Heating & Air Conditioning specialist & get some central air installed in our house.

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