Cooking in a Really Hot Kitchen

Who doesn’t adore a good old fashioned apartment cooked meal? In my personal experience, no one that I’ve offered to cook for has ever declined my offer. My good friend, Terry, and I are consistently looking for ways to help our community, and one of our number ones things I enjoy is to cook meals for those in need. We volunteer at homeless shelters plus at different church events to ensure that the people in our community are getting wholesome, apartment cooked meals at least sometime in their life. We are continually amazed at just how several children my good friend and I meet that have never had a nice meal in their lifetime. They are mostly fed microwave meals, or they simply live off of junk food and chips. With this being said, Terry and I spend a lot of time in the home office. Sometimes, my good friend and I spend up to eight hours a day cooking. We entirely appreciated our job until one day when my home office a/c decided to stop laboring in the middle of July. Terry is no small woman, and she simply couldn’t take the heat. I tried my hardest to toil through it, but both Terry and I found ourselves taking frequent breaks and not getting done what my good friend and I had planned. My partner tried to repair the a/c, but it was not a simple fix. We ended up calling an Heating and A/C worker to repair it, but fortunately, the Heating and A/C worker was able to repair our a/c, and Terry and I were back to cooking with more enthusiasm than ever before.

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