Freon Frenzy

My mom is one of those people who tends to exaggerate any situation.

  • Take for instance an automobile accident, if she happens to see one while she is driving you will hear quite the tale when she starts to tell you about what she thinks happened, she loves to draw her own conclusion in situations plus embellish on the details that she has decided must have been present at the time.

For these reasons when she called about a recent car repair I listened patiently has she explained about how torturous it had been to drive the car with no air conditioner… Apparently she had to do this for almost a week plus she said that she felt like she was taking her life into her own hands. The mechanic where she normally takes her car had a honestly tied up schedule so she wasn’t able to get in instantly to have the system repaired. When I asked her if she had had problems with her Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system in the car before she said that she was aware of a problem but had put it off because she didn’t want to spend money to have it fixed. Her mechanic plus told her the last time she took it in that it would be needing the freon charged soon but that he thought it might last a couple more months. That was over a year ago plus she just ignored it as long as she possibly could; Now it is the heat of summer time plus afternoontime uneven temperatures are in the 90s so she finally decided that it was time to get it fixed. Of course she was honestly aggravated that the mechanic made her wait a week but then again, one person’s idea of a crisis is honestly weird from that of another’s.


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