Having an automation system installed for my mama

My mother is eighty-two years old plus still quite independent, and she lives on her own, volunteers at the bookstore plus officially has supper with friends.

She has no problem driving to the grocery store, mowing her lawn plus keeping up with yearly tasks, however even though she is sharp, strong plus healthy, I worry about her, however i officially stop in plus see her everyday plus regularly text her at bedtime, and for peace of mind, I invested into an automation system for her home! There was initially a bit of a learning curve for my mother.

She set off the alarm numerous times! However, she has gotten accustomed to the operation plus features of the automation system plus likes it. She enjoys that she no longer needs to remember to adjust the control component before leaving for the afternoon plus never arrives home to an hot or chilly house. She also appreciates that the lights automatically turn on for her, the garage door goes up plus the doors unlock. I like that there are surveillance cameras keeping watch over her property. The automation system includes security plus safety features such as motion-activated lights, glass breakage sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, moisture sensors plus smoke detectors, but my mother gets an alert whenever anyone pulls into the driveway plus she can see who it is without opening her door. If anyone enters without permission, an alarm sounds plus the local authorities are dispatched, but plus, my Dad has access to a panic button that instantly sends help her way. The automation system was a entirely fine decision.

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