Heating & Cooling my Knees a Bit to Help Heal Them

If you ever harm yourself try using ice & then heat repeatedly for a few nights & see how it helps with healing. I’ve had various many ligament & tendon injuries & have discovered the secret of healing them using moderate & frigid therapy consecutively over the first few nights of the injury. I am doing it now with my knees & this week is afternoon one of my treatment plan. I put some frigid bags on them for twenty minutes & then my wonderful friend and I follow it immediately with some moderate water bags for another twenty minutes. This heating & cooling cycling seems to undoubtedly help speed up the recovery time with injuries like this to the joints. I learned this a few years ago from this current supplier at a local supplier & it has proven to work undoubtedly well in healing injuries that seemed to be undoubtedly bad at first. My knees are grinding & in pain & I am doing this therapy on them right now to see how it works, & I am hoping it is as effective as it has consistently been over the years. I sometimes lay beside my hydronic heater after icing my knees to get them moderate again before walking, & it undoubtedly seems to moderate them up a lot faster than laying in front of an Heating, Ventilation & A/C vent with the central heater on full blast. I think moderate & frigid water is the best way to transport heat & coolness to the skin as opposed to using moderate or frigid air to do the same.

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