Hot Coffee Shops

My best friend Grace and I have always loved to get together a few times a week just to talk and encourage one another.

We used to go local restaurants to have lunch together while we talked, but it got a little too pricey, so we decided to find local coffee shops and just get drinks instead.

We live in a relatively large city, so there are a lot of coffee shops to try out. So far, we have only tried three, and the last one we visited was quite the experience. We got there at about three o’clock in the afternoon hoping there wouldn’t be many people at that time of day. To our much dismay, the place was so packed that it took quite a while to even find a set for the two of us. It was really hot in the room, but we just assumed it was because of all of the people. As we began to drink our coffee, Grace noticed that it was unusually hot in the room. Embarrassed, because it was the middle of December, she asked a manager if they could turn the air conditioning on. At first, he just stared at her with a goofy face, but they responded that Grace had a great idea and that they had actually had trouble with their furnace getting stuck on for over a week. He turned the air conditioning on, and within thirty minutes, the whole room was considerably cooler. Although it seemed like a weird suggestion in the middle of December, Grace’s idea helped everyone in the building to be more comfortable including the employees.

furnace/heater tune-up