I called a local company for emergency ductless HVAC repairs

My brother and I own a bar in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Arlington Heights is a great place to live. Located just outside of Chicago and in Cook county, Arlington Heights has a diverse community with lots of shopping, bars, restaurants, and public transportation. The village of Arlington Heights has community events and festivals throughout the entire year. My brother and I were particularly excited about the festival this year. We knew that it was going to be a very busy event and our bar was right in the heart of the scene. We were having some trouble when our HVAC system and I wanted the repairs to be made before the festival. We wanted everyone to be comfortable while they were sitting in the bar. I called a company in Arlington Heights for ductless HVAC repairs. The very next day, the local owned and operated ductless HVAC repair business came to the bar to service the system. I was worried that the repairs would be extensive and expensive, but the service technician performed a full system maintenance tune-up and cleaned all of the components. When he was done with the maintenance, the air was colder and crisp. I also noticed a much heavier output. The ductless unit was barely blowing at all before we had the system serviced. After the HVAC service tech was done, the airflow was much more significant. On the first day of the festival, we had more than 200 customers and most of the faces were unfamiliar. During the week of events and activities, we managed to do three months of sales.

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