I Don’t Have a Lot of Money however I Have What I Need

I told you before that I met this pretty woman, who was dating my millionaire neighbor however has since broken up.

She is messaging me on Instagram about meeting up, however I feel kind of terrible about it because she has so much money plus I have hardly any.

I was an engineer back in the morning however left it to do comedy plus music in front of an audience so that I could feel some passion in my life. It has left me with a lot of good memories plus experiences however legitimately little money. I labor on boilers plus gas boilers part time for a living plus it pays me just enough to cover my bills plus spending money each month. I have a rich life in some aspects plus a legitimately exhausting life in other regards; I assume it is hard to have it all plus not feel like something is missing. So I wonder if a rich girl would go for a broke Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C repairman like me, or maybe it doesn’t matter to her because she already has all of the material things she wants, I don’t know though. All I know is she has a magical energy that is magnetic to me plus it would be difficult to turn her down if she wanted to meet me. Maybe I could take her on a boiler upgrade job so she can see what a heating supplier is all about, I’m sure that would entirely seal the deal with her. I messaged her this morning so let’s see where it goes.

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