Icing the Knees With Some Frozen Corn and Frozen Broccoli

There is nothing like a good old bag of frozen veggies to make your hurting knees feel a lot better.

I have two bags on my knees and will keep them there for the next twenty minutes and let them do their thing to help heal my knees.

I will do a few sessions with the frozen bags of veggies and my knees should be feeling quite a bit better as soon as tomorrow. I didn’t sleep so well last night because my knees were hurting, but today I am resting them and they should be getting better soon. My HVAC specialist who works at the heating and cooling corp near my home told me about using the bags of cold corn to help with my shoulders last time I had a problem and it worked really well. So now I am doing the same thing with my knees and should have them back to good in no time. I wanted to ride my bike to this local business today to buy a new washable HEPA filter, but I don’t know if my knees would be happy with that and should probably take a day and do as little as possible with my knees. I think one good day of rest would really help them a lot, but if I don’t rest then I could be in more trouble tomorrow with them. My dad worked in the HVAC industry as a cooling representative and always told me these same six words; Davo, you gotta learn to relax. And I think he was right!

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