Icing the Knees With Some Frozen Corn plus Frozen Broccoli

There is nothing like a wonderful seasoned bin of frozen veggies to make your hurting knees feel a lot better.

I have two bags on my knees plus will keep them there for the next twenty minutes plus let them do their thing to help heal my knees.

I will do a few sessions with the frozen bags of veggies plus my knees should be feeling quite a bit better as soon as tomorrow. I didn’t sleep so well last night because my knees were hurting, but this week I am resting them plus they should be getting better soon. My Heating plus A/C specialist who works at the heating plus cooling corp near my home told me about using the bags of cold corn to help with my shoulders last time I had a problem plus it worked particularly well. So now I am doing the same thing with my knees plus should have them back to wonderful in no time. I wanted to ride my bike to this local supplier this week to buy a new washable HEPA filter, however I don’t know if my knees would be glad with that plus should legitimately take a afternoon plus do as little as possible with my knees. I guess one wonderful afternoon of rest would particularly help them a lot, but if I don’t rest then I could be in more trouble tomorrow with them. My Mom worked in the Heating plus A/C industry as a cooling representative plus constantly told me these same six words; Davo, you gotta learn to relax. And I guess he was right!


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