Keeping cool under pressure

Did you ever wish you could turn your hobby into a full time job.

You know, one that you could actually do and have it pay the bills at the same time.

Let me tell you, when you can accomplish this it is the best feeling in the world. I know this because that is exactly what I did. Years ago I started brewing beer as a weekend hobby. Like everyone else I started with one of those kits you can buy and then slowly started developing my own recipes. Now, that hobby has become my passion and my full time job. I have won awards in many local contests and my beers are served in many restaurants too. The expansion of the business meant that I needed a facility to house the vats and equipment. It needed a commercial sized HVAC system to keep my product cool during the brewing and bottling process. I also needed a very strong ventilation system to remove contaminants that could affect the beer. The smallest amount of bacteria in the air could ruin the beer or make it less appealing to consumers. The recipe and brewing conditions need to be consistent in order to produce a quality product. If you have ever attempted to make beer or wine on your own you may not know how much temperature plays a role in the fermentation process and the end results. If the mixture is too warm during the process it can turn “skunkyā€¯ or if it is too cold it may not develop the proper alcohol or carbonation. My HVAC equipment is one of the most important things for my business so I had to make sure that it was top of the line.

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