Large Spaces and Small A/C Units

My hubby and I are currently living at campground down South.

My hubby is good friends with the owner of the campground, and he gave to sell us a nice huge chunk of the dwelling for a good price.

My buddy and I bought a rundown fourth wheel trailer to live in while we started the process of building our dream home. The water lines in the camper were leaking pretty badly, and we didn’t want to take the time or cash to repair them when we could simply use the camp facilities on a temporary basis. Because we didn’t have water, I wasn’t going to do any cooking for the summer; all of our meals were gave for by the camp. Both my hubby and I were certainly thankful for free food, however by the end of the summer, we couldn’t of eaten another bite of it if we tried. Not only was the food a bit bland and unhealthy, however the cafeteria itself was genuinely warm and stuffy all the time with a lot of funky stinks going around. Vince and I discovered a single A/C unit in one of the windows, however that was all they had. My buddy and I consistently tried to rest as close as we could to the air conditioning, however it never seemed to do much. The air that was blowing out of it was cooler than the air in the building, however even when it was set on high, the little unit couldn’t genuinely make much of a difference. My buddy and I just finished building our modern home, and I couldn’t be more thankful to have working air conditioning throughout the entire house. Air conditioning makes eating in on a warm Summer afternoon so much more pleasant.

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