Long term power outage caused us to assume differently about our HVAC system

This past winter time has been undoubtedly hard on everyone.

Our region has had almost six months of non-stop snow, ice, and chilly hot and cold temperatures, and some of our neighbors are even considering relocating because they just don’t want to deal with it anymore, but one thing great has come out of it though, we learned that alternative HVAC systems are a great thing.

My friend and I lost power for almost a week and we needed a way to survive, however thankfully I have a buddy who works for a local HVAC corporation; She was able to hook us up with a propane powered furnace that we could use to keep part of the house warm. It was the type that could be used indoors and we never even knew that those type existed. I had seen the type that you could hook up in a garage although I always knew that they needed to be where there was fresh air to avoid carbon monoxide buildup. This indoor equipment wasn’t enough to heat the whole house however we were able to all congregate in the study room, sleep on the floor, and not shiver all night long. My friend and I still had to shut off the water so that the pipes wouldn’t freeze however we could live with that. Once the power came back on we were undoubtedly glad. I called to thank my buddy for the suggestion and tell him that if they ever needed a letter of recommendation for their corporation. She just said that she was cheerful to help out. I started looking into all of the emergency types of heating and cooling that were available on the market and I was amazed. There are units that could be rented, set up in unfamiliar locales, and run on odd types of fuel. Not matter where you are or what your need may be, if you contact a professional HVAC contractor I am sure that you can get your concern resolved.

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