Looking into air conditioner installation

The weather in Palm Bay, Florida, is typically hot and excessively humid the majority of the year.

The average summer high temperature reaches into the eighties for eight months of the year.

Temperatures into the nineties or even the triple digits are regular occurrences. Even the low temperatures are well into the mid seventies. Central air conditioning is essential for every residential and commercial space. The efficiency and effectiveness of the AC directly impacts comfort, carbon footprint, indoor air quality and budget. When it was time to replace the cooling unit in my home, I wanted to get everything right. With such a considerable investment, I took my time and spent some time researching different makes and models. The top-of-the-line models are more expensive to purchase but offer higher SEER ratings. I found models with a 26 SEER rating that I knew would reduce both energy consumption and utility bills. These systems have the capability of automatically adapting speed to accommodate the requirements of the indoor space. By operating for longer cycles at lower output, the system experiences less wear and tear, runs more quietly and provides a more consistent indoor temperature. It also is more effective at filtering contaminants out of the air and handling excess humidity. I felt it was worth it to spend more money on a more energy efficient cooling unit. I called a local HVAC contractor to schedule an estimate for air conditioner installation. The technician calculated the heat gain/loss of the home to determine proper sizing of the equipment. He was very helpful about explaining the variety of models and features on the current market. He also helped me to register with the manufacturer to ensure warranty coverage.



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