Moving comes with new HVAC method

It’s one thing to get to vacation in your favorite spot year after year.

My wife and I were so fortunate to get to do that.

We actually did our family vacations near where we fell in love on Spring break all those decades ago. Those early years, when the kids were small, were magical. We were all stuffed into one motel room with one of those great, big air conditioning units that sticks out of the exterior wall. Yet, those vacations were some of the best memories we made as a family. Our kids are grown now and having kids of their own. Our children are sort of spread across the country so we really didn’t have much reason to stay in our home regions. So we upgraded the residential HVAC, put on a new roof and sold the place. We got asking price which was unbelievable. We were retired, about to be homeless so we decided to move to where we always vacationed. How’s that for bringing it full circle? Yet, we have much better accommodations than we did when we could barely keep the kids out of the pool or the ocean. These days, we’re in a nice little condo with perhaps the best quality heating and air that I’ve ever come across. When we bought the place, we were able to negotiate a rock bottom price by being willing to replace the HVAC equipment ourselves. Actually, that worked out great for us on a couple of levels. For sure, getting a vastly reduced price was awesome. But we both really wanted to have the very latest in residential HVAC with all the HVAC technology we desired. We couldn’t be happier with our new home in what feels like an old address.

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