Moving Out East

I have grew up out West, and I entirely enjoyed it! My parents still live out there, and I look forward to visiting them each year.

I would have never dreamed of leaving my rare home out West, but falling in love certainly changes things. When I met Vincent, my heart fell for him instantaneously. The only downfall for me was the fact that she lived out East, and I knew that if I married him, I would have to transport out East with him. Of course, I enjoyed him more than I enjoyed the area that I lived in, so my associate and I were happily married two years ago today. It certainly took a lot of changing for me to feel comfortable out East, but it entirely wasn’t as difficult as I thought that it would be. Vincent’s family was very sizzling and inviting. Her Dad introduced me to multiple new friends. The hardest part about residing out East is the climate. Out West, it was constantly entirely warm, and I enjoyed never having to worry about getting too cold. In the East, it gets much colder than I am used to, and I had to buy a couple of electric blankets as well as a new furnace just to keep warm. Last week, Vince took me to the store and bought me a couple space heating systems for next to my side of the bed and for in front of the couch where I like to sit. I am so thankful that Vince has been patient with me through all of the changing. It wasn’t straight-forward, but as long as I have my heating systems and blankets, I am okay.

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