My Aunt and Her Temperature Pet Peeves

I think everyone has that one Aunt that drives them crazy. Well, I am no exception to this rule. My Aunt Margaret is the funniest yet weirdest person I know. She is truly the life of the party wherever she goes. As a child, I used to love to go to her house because she would basically let us kids do whatever we wanted as long as we weren’t getting into trouble or bothering her. It wasn’t till I was in my twenties that my Aunt really started to drive me insane. When I moved out and got married, Aunt Margaret insisted on visiting me every Monday and Friday whether I agreed to it or not. By far, the most annoying thing that she did was mess with my thermostat. No matter what I had the temperature set to in my house, she had to change it. The first time she did it, I had the temperature set to seventy degrees, and she changed it to eighty. I didn’t even realize it until she had already went home, and our house felt very warm. She did the same thing whenever she rode with me in the car. I would have the air conditioning set at a certain temperature, and she always had to adjust it. One time, it was the dead of winter, and, of course, I had the heat on, but she insisted that it was too warm in the car, and she turned the heat completely off with both me and my two year old in the car. Even with all her crazy ways, I can’t help but love silly old Aunt Margaret.

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