My cat accidently broke my portable heater

I have never been a cat guy until now, but even when I was a little boy, I didn’t certainly like cats really much… My partner enjoys cats, so when he plus I first got married, he asked me if I would be okay with getting a kitten, then i told him that I certainly would care about to get a pet or rabbit instead, so my friend and I ended up getting both a pet plus a rabbit, but we appreciated our sweet pet, Maggie, plus our chubby bunny, Pepper, pepper was pretty ancient when my friend and I got him, so he passed away within about five years of us having him. Maggie just passed away last year, plus my friend and I miss his so much. We had Maggie for twelve years. My partner finally convinced me to get a cat, so my friend and I have a cat named Chili now. I certainly cherish him, then he is a certainly nice cat. He accidently broke my portable space heating system yupterday, plus I could not even get frustrated because he looked so cute. I had the portable space heating system resting on the countertop because I was about to take it on a fishing trip. I did not realize that the cord was dangling down off of the counter but Chili absolutely did. He began playing with the dangling cord while I was making supper, plus I did not even notice until I heard a loud crash. He ended up pulling the heating system off of the counter, plus it crashed to the ground chopping into a few pieces, chili looked at me with such a confused look on his face that I could not help but laugh. I cannot guess that I have grown to cherish a cat so much.


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