My house does not even compare to the warmth of my parent’s house

There is nothing I actually cherish more than visiting home.

My house at school is actually chilly during the winter.

I find that I am often putting on more and more layers. In fact, I even tend to take extra hot showers in my apartment. The heat is just not as nice at the apartment. When I am home, the heat can even be overwhelming at times. My loft can even get actually hot some times my friend and I have to turn down the temperature control. My associate and I have a actually efficient Heating and Air Conditioning system. I imagine that the Heating and Air Conditioning system at my house is not quite as nice as the one my friend and I have right at home. In fact, I am sure that they do not put a lot of money into the furnace at the apartment. My associate and I actually just need one to be working. It does not have to work well. I bet that they do not even get the system cleaned on a correct basis like they need to be. That is the saddest part to me. If they do not clean it like they should, who knows when my friend and I might be without heat because of it, but living in an house is hard for that main reason. You are not in control of a lot of major things. You have to rely on others to help you. Someone else has to maintain the Heating and Air Conditioning system or repairs the broken appliances. I would rather want to be in charge so I could call an Heating and Air Conditioning business myself and have it all taken care of. I want to find myself being a little more comfortable in the house than I currently am.

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