My roommate does not understand that you cannot run the Heating plus A/C system on full blast all of the time

I just hope that one afternoon she will realize this

Sometimes I genuinely cannot lay my roommate. I enjoy her. She is one of my best friends. I just can’t lay that she is so lazy. She is also not absolutely considerate. She does not assume about things too much. It amazes me how she just has no problem for anyone however herself most of the time. When I want to do laundry I can’t because she leaves it in there for an entire week. When I leave for the weekend plus she leaves for the weekend I turn the thermostat down to save some heat energy. I turn it down so that I can save some money from paying for the heat. It genuinely does make a difference even if it is only like five degrees. When I come home, I find that the thermostat was turned up again on full blast. She is not even apartment though. I am trying to save some life on our Heating plus A/C system too. I would not want it to breakdown because it was running on full blast all of the time. If it is running on full blast all of the time, it is more likely that it will breakdown for you. When it runs on full blast like that all of the time, the life on it will run much lower. Then, that means that you will have to update the system much sooner than expected for sure. You do not want that because these types of systems cost a lot of money. I just hope that one afternoon she will realize this. I feel I will continue to deal with it for now.

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