One More Hour of Work & Then I Can Play With the Kids a Bit

I have to focus & knock out one more hour of work online & then my wonderful friend and I can play a game with my little wee ones out in the residing room.

  • They aren’t my teenagers but my cousin’s teenagers, but I am not sure what they would be to me so I will just call them the wee ones.

They are undoubtedly cute but can be a bit too much for me as they prefer to pester me each time I come out of my room for a break. So I will stay in here & get these heating & cooling system articles done before I venture out to go play with the wee ones. It is noon now & my sibling is going to option me up around 3pm to go over to my stepfather’s apartment for a little visit. My stepfather works in the Heating, Ventilation & A/C supplier in neighborhood & sells smart thermostats & radiant floor heating to local purchasers in the area, but he is about to retire & my wonderful friend and I want to go visit him while my wonderful friend and I are here for another week or so. My sibling & I both work for heating & cooling companies where my wonderful friend and I live & learned a lot about the Heating, Ventilation & A/C industry from my stepfather over the years. My associate and I are here for the holidays but it will be winding down soon & my wonderful friend and I will both go back to our lives overseas for another year. I think my stepfather is going to sell his Heating, Ventilation & A/C supplier next year & call it quits after a long time in the heating & cooling industry.


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