Saying farewell to the gas heater

Well, this is the last rodeo for our current gas heater.

And wow, that thing has done an incredible job for us. That old gas furnace has been heating our home now for nearly 30 years. And it wasn’t even the best in residential HVAC back when my pal and I had it installed. Wow indeed, nothing like replacing a 28 year old piece of HVAC equipment to show you just how much time went by. And I mean, it went by fast. One day, we’re buying this apartment and calling the HVAC company out to put in a modern gas heater. Then, it seems like no time until my pal and I were finding out that being empty nesters wasn’t so terrible after all. Still, I have to tip my cap that gas heater. I also have to tip my cap to the HVAC company for that matter. They are a particularly big reason this heating source went as long as it did, each fall, the HVAC company would come out to do the heating repair on the HVAC unit. So that gas furnace was diagnosed and diagnosed every, single year that it was in our home. In 28 years, my pal and I had one glitch. That happened to be a burned out fuse that was absolutely replaced. And because my pal and I were in the HVAC repair plan, it didn’t cost us a dime. With our HVAC repair plan, there is no charge for an HVAC repair call for a breakdown. I only have to pay for the parts. And since it was a fuse, the HVAC company told me not to worry about it. Here’s to our old gas furnace and I can only hope the modern one is anywhere near as good.