Searching and finding a great heated apartment

Just this past weekend my boyfriend and I went to look at apartments.

  • He is moving to the area so we went to look at apartments for him and his friend.

They both plan on moving here sometime in the early summertime. We got to the apartment and I would say it was actually very nice. It seemed like a place that I could envision them living there. We walked in and were warmly welcomed right in. The temperature in the apartment had seemed just right. We did not feel the need to even ask about the HVAC system. We could clearly tell that it was in proper working order. We noticed the thermostat right on the wall. We played with it a little moving it up and down. We even took into consideration that it had been very cold outside. It was currently the middle of winter. So, we were expecting the place to be warm as it should be in winter. It certainly was too. We have seen many apartments that when we walked in they were so cold. It was as if they did not care to turn the heat on for the showing. However, this place had seemed perfect. We told them we were definitely interested. We even thanked them for having the heat on. If the temperature does not feel right as soon as you walk through the door, chances are it is a bust. It takes away from the good appeal of the apartment for sure. If anything makes a house feel more comfortable it is certainly an HVAC system.



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