Seven More Articles to go Then I Will go For a Short Bike Ride

I need to find a drugstore nearby & get some ibuprofen for my knees because I played a bit too much volleyball yeahterday after running a lot of miles the evening before.

My knees are grinding quite a bit, & have been for the past many months, so I think I am going to have to rest them more & split back on all of the volleyball & running I have been doing lately.

I think if I just rest them they will reuse & I will be great again. I may take some supplements to help as my heating & A/C buddy told me to do one afternoon while cleaning some HVAC duct in a condo near where I live. I noticed back then that my knees were grinding a bit more than normal, however at least they weren’t in pain like they have been these past few months. The local business sells collagen & other herbs that are supposed to be great for the joints. I lift a lot of heavy a/cs & sizzling water furnaces & have to carry them up stairs sporadically, so having great working knees is pressing to keeping my task at the Heating & Air Conditioning business. I think they will be great with some rest despite the fact that I am going to have to take some pain meds, over the counter ones, for the next few mornings to stop the pain so I can function somewhat. I have to labor on a heat pump next week for my friend’s Heating & Air Conditioning unit, so they need to get better soon.

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