Spray foam helped to service my apartment when it started to feel drafty

There has been some trouble in paradise lately.

  • my apartment is usually absolutely comfortable.

I never have a problem setting the temperatures or changing them. I never have an issue turning the system on plus off. It always works perfectly for me. I definitely am grateful for that though. The problem is that lately I feel as if the heat in my apartment is absolutely uneven. I find that some rooms are much warmer than others; My entryway seems to be cooler than the powder room or my entryway. We found out that the window we have seems to have slid off the track or something. The window was not closing all of the way. It was causing our apartment to be drafty. That is why the entryway seemed to be so frigid compared. There was an simple fix. With the way the window closes, I could just spray some foam plus it would seal the hole that is there. I actually went around the apartment to feel if there were anymore cracks where it could be filled. It turns out that the front door is also a bit drafty. Some of the thing just start to wear down plus that is what causes it to get more drafty. With the help of spray foam it is truly something we can fix. Spray foam is absolutely simple to use. You can even buy it at your local hardware store sometimes. You just spray the can where the draft is coming from. It will fill the gap plus in no time it will be fixed.


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