Start Springtime with air duct cleaning

I’m quiet content with myself this week, but i am undoubtedly looking to take Springtime cleaning seriously this year.

I’ve made noise about this before.

Actually, I’ve been swearing that I would start Springtime off with a deep clean for a decade. It never happened! But I just got off the iPhone with the Heating and A/C contractor. I tied up a air duct cleaning and air duct resealing appointment for a couple of week from now; So I’m fully committed at this point, and perhaps that’s what it took to get my butt in gear and get put a serious clean on this site. I think the fact that my associate and I have spent so much time inside the central air conditioning of our home since the pandemic was a motivator. I just want to clean this home like I scrubbed my crib when I was wooing my fiance with home cooked meals, and what can I say, I was raised with women so I can cook some. But I’m talking the sort of clean where you move furniture, dust all of the blinds and clean every inch of space, and this is the plan and now I’m committed with the call to the Heating and A/C contractor… Yet, I think doing the air duct cleaning and air duct resealing is so appropriate with the level of cleaning my associate and I are about to undertake. And I mean we, my partner and I are going to take a Wednesday off and make a long weekend out of making the inside of our home sparkle. Plus, the air duct cleaning will so improve the indoor air quality. And the air duct resealing will help our Heating and A/C equipment run so much more efficiently. Maybe this is the start of an annual rite of Springtime.