Summer Camp and No AC

Even the kids have a tough time sleeping because of the heat.

Ever since we were young, my hubby and I have loved to take our little family to Summer camp… Each year in June, we pack up our things and head off to a week of relaxation. I appreciate that I don’t have to cook for an entire week, and the kids have activities of their own while Vince and I have some time of rest and rejuvenation. Our kids appreciate Summer camp just as much as my hubby and I do. They appreciate to spend time with their friends that they don’t get to see certainly often. The only thing that bothers all of us about camp is that there is no air conditioning. My buddy and I are spoiled having central air conditioning throughout our entire house, so we are not used to being in the heat 24/7. The hardest part is night time. Even the kids have a tough time sleeping because of the heat. There were a couple nights that we genuinely decided to sleep outside under the stars because of how warm our chalet was! Vince and I decided that next year we were going to bring our own window A/C unit for our chalet, so that we would at least be able to get a good night’s rest. The kids are completely supportive of the idea and want to pitch in to help purchase a couple window units just for camp season. Hopefully, we will be able to purchase the window units in time for next camp season because it would add a whole modern level to our little camp getaway.

a/c representative