Sun baked Football game

My guys both play Little League Football for the neighborhood plus love it.

  • There are times that I wish they didn’t because it takes up so much of our summer… They have practice 4 afternoons a week plus games almost every weekend.

The games are played rain or shine unless there is a treat of a thunderstorm, i know that this teaches them extravagant life lessons such as commitment plus tough work so I agree to let them participate each year. The biggest issue for me is laying as a spectator in whatever that weather is. I find that I would rather sit in the cold rain plus sit out in the blazing sun for hours because I get hot honestly easily. I constantly make sure to take plenty of water but as I sit seeing the game I find myself wishing I were in my air-conditioned property instead, then most of the pigskin fields set drought in the direct sun because there are honestly few trees around so my buddy and I do not even have the benefit of shade to keep us cool, when my buddy and I finally get property from the games the guys hit the showers plus I go sit directly in front of the vent for my Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system to cool off. I even turn the temperature down a few degrees for a short time just to get much needed relief. I have study about programmable control units plus I am considering having one installed because then I would have the household at my desire temperature before I walked in. Those few degrees make such a difference plus I could simply log on to my cell iphone plus make the change while my buddy and I were driving property from the field. I love seeing my teenagers play ball plus I am honestly proud of them although I also love when I can escape the heat plus re-energize myself from baking in the sun.

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