Surviving the Bitter Cold Without a Space Heater or Heating plus A/C System

I’ve been seeing these videos from people who hike out into the middle of the woods in the far north to set up a tent for a few days plus brave the cold. Some of them do it in weather that is well below zero with wind chills down into the minus 50F region. They set up their makeshift home from trees plus keep moderate in the home with a fire for the time they are there. A lot of them are alone plus pretty much don’t say a word the whole time they are out there. But living without Heating plus A/C can be rough, especially since it is so straight-forward nowadays to just adjust the smart temperature control to whatever temp you want by the push of a button. These guys are real mountain men, plus a few of them are men who brave the legitimately cold temps on their own. My Heating plus A/C tech buddy said he would like to try it if I came along with her, however I am not sure I could live without a space boiler or electric boiler for legitimately long in temps like that. I know if my buddy and I had all of the gear my buddy and I could make it work, but if you ran into one problem out there plus couldn’t get a fire going you could end up dead or with harsh frostbite all over your body, but i’d rather sit at home plus get the fireplace going, or turn on the oil heater, plus watch these people do it on our big screen TV with some pretzels.
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