The blizzard buried and froze our HVAC unit outside

We recently had the biggest snowstorm of the season.

During this snowstorm our heat went out.

When this happened we were sleeping. We noticed that we had felt really cold. Not even the blankets were helping us to keep very warm. We called the HVAC business in the morning. However, everything was closed. We would have to call back when the storm was over. We had finally made an appointment, but it was a few days from then. When the HVAC professional finally showed up, he couldn’t even check the system. There was so much snow built up on top of the HVAC unit, he could not get to it. We had to both shovel off all of the snow for him to get to it. He thought that all of the snow could have been part of the problem to begin with. Once he was able to finally get into the system. He noticed that it had been so cold outside that some of the pieces inside were frozen. There had been some water leaking inside that froze and cause the system to stop working. The parts would have to be thawed and then replaced completely. He spent some time replacing these specific HVAC system parts. However, when the HVAC technician was finished repairing the system, we noticed that it had been working like it had before. For the first time in days, our home refilled with the warm air we had been longing for. Without his help, we would have never been able to heat our house after the huge blizzard. All we needed to do was make one simple phone call. Possibly clean off all of the snow as well.


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