The current steakhouse had bad temperature control from absolutely sizzling to chilly cold

It was just the anniversary of my wifey plus I.

We will have been dating for two years now.

I cannot wait. Our anniversary is so close to Valentine’s afternoon. I told him he did not need to get me anything since he spent so much on Valentine’s afternoon. He thought that was okay. We decided to do something else. We decided to try a current steakhouse out for lunch. Somewhere where we assume we would both like it equally. I was more than willing to do this with him. I like to try current things. We go to the steakhouse for our anniversary. We walked in the door plus we instantly judged the locale. We thought it was kind of nice. It was pretty crowded with people. I assume that was making us feel a little warm. I had to take my sweater off. I was feeling absolutely warm. When we got seated I was cheerful that it felt a little cooler being away from all of the people waiting. We sat down plus I must say I cooled off absolutely fast. In fact, it seemed like it was way too fast. I actually started to get absolutely cold. I had to put my sweater back on. There was definitely no quality temperature control in this locale. There was no way there was. I was covered in sweat one minute plus chilly the next. I shivered through lunch. They did have superb food though. Next time, we will go somewhere we have been to know we will have a superb time all around.


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