The furnace upgrades were installed last week

Last week, my wife and I had a brand new furnace installed in our home.

We live in Ashtabula, Ohio. Ashtabula, Ohio is a great place to live. It is only an hour from cleveland. Ashtabula has a small town feel, but it has a robust population. Most of the people that live in Ashtabula have been here since they were born. My wife and I were both born and raised in this city. During the winter months, temperatures can be frighteningly cold and frigid. There is a lot of snow and ice during the winter season. Temperatures can’t reach the single digits on a cloudy and windy day. Last year, we had more than 30 inches of snow. That was a very wet and cold season. We haven’t had that much snow in the city in at least a decade. The furnace in the house has been reliable for a long time, but the incredibly cold temperatures last year made me wonder if it was time to think about making some heating installation upgrades. I decided to contact an active bullet heating installation company for a free in-home consultation. The heating installation company sent a licensed and insured installation technician to give me an estimate for the equipment and the labor. They provided me with multiple options for upgrading the system. They included equipment from their particular affiliate brand, but they made me aware that they could install any make, model, or style of heating equipment. The heating installation technician answered all of my questions and I never felt rushed to make a choice. I had a lot of decisions to make, so I took my time.

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