Weather is wacky

I was looking forward to Spring because my associate and I had such a long, cold winter.

I just wanted to open the windows, air out my house, & see the red leaves return to the trees.

When the beginning of April arrived & it was still snowing, I began to guess that I would never get the option to do that. In our area, my associate and I usually never get that chop anyway, it goes from freezing cold to summer time like conditions within a matter of days it seems. This type of quick change can make servicing your Heating & A/C system genuinely difficult. I usually make my appointment for my Spring tune-up in early January because my Heating & A/C company is so busy when things beginning to thaw out, and everyone wants to make sure their a/c is in good shape for the warmer weather. Because my associate and I can experience this change so suddenly, the window of opportunity can be genuinely short. My Heating & A/C system is fairly new, however, this doesn’t mean that something couldn’t have happened during the winter time to affect the unit. I don’t want to switch back & forth between heat & a/c without any comprehension of problems that may be there… Who knows, maybe a family of mice got into the HVAC duct or chewed through some wires, this could cause some major problems if I just turned on the system without having it diagnosed. Making my appointment early ensures that I will be able to use my Heating & A/C system with confidence & not have to worry about anything. I am still looking forward to hot weather & red leaves, even if I do need to turn on the a/c.

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